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Azhureheart @ LJ

silly fangirl since the 1990's

23 October 1984
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Azhureheart @ LiveJournal

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♥ ♥ ♥

I'm a tea addict, a TV junkie, a fic-oholic and totally unrepentant about that.

I'm a bookworm too.
I'm a bit silly about books and if you start me on books, e-books, stupid French publishing industry still stuck in the Middle Ages, its translators not fit to work on a catalog much less on a book, and the sky-rocketing prices of said books, I'll probably talk your ear off.
I ready mostly romance, science-fiction and fantasy (in all their variations and combinations). I'm not ashamed about that...  and actually, genre literature is also a thing I'm pretty passionate about. But really I'll ready anything if it's my hands and it's any good.

My English is not the best (hello, French girl who learned English from entertainment). My posts are 50/50 English/French.

My LJ is mostly about things I read or watch. Or things that piss me off (or please me immensely) in my lovely (but crazy) hometown.
Mostly about its craziness.♥

4400, aaron sorkin, ambre, andrew lee potts, anime, bartimaeus, battlestar galactica, billy campbell, bradley whitford, christophe honoré, christopher meloni, clamp, clayton danvers, clotilde hesme, cold case, contes de fées, dresden files, dying tears, elena michaels, endymion, enya, eric balfour, faerie, fairy tail, fairy tales, fanfiction, fantasy, femslash, fics, firefly, harry dresden, hawk and fisher, hermione norris, hyperion, jack bauer, jack vance, jane austen, jeremy danvers, jim butcher, johan héliot, jon courtenay grimwood, jonathan stroud, jordan collier, jordan/shawn, karaoke, karrin murphy, keira knightley, kelley armstrong, kim harrison, kristen britain, lecture, les chansons d'amour, lex luthor, lifehouse, loreena mckennitt, louis garrel, love mode, lucas cortez, lynn flewelling, mafiosa, mary lynn rajskub, matthew macfadyen, midnighter, midnighter/apollo, moira j moore, nanowrimo, ncis:la, neil gaiman, nick hornby, nigthwish, nuria rial, nùria rial, omar et fred, oscar wilde, paige winterbourne, pride & prejudice, pride and prejudice, prison break, psych, raising the bar, richard armitage, rob lowe, rob thomas, robson green, rufus wainwright, rupert penry-jones, sanctuary, sara douglass, sarah waters, saving grace, sci-fi, science-fiction, seth cohen, seth/ryan, sf, shawn farrell, shawn/jordan, simon r. green, slash, southland, spooks, starbuck, stargate atlantis, stephen colbert, studio 60, sylar, tad williams, tanya huff, the 4400, the authority, the closer, the colbert report, the oc, the west wing, thomas raith, tin man, tobias menzies, toby stephens, tom hollander, tom holt, tom quinn, tony hill, tricia sullivan, trudi canavan, val mcdermid, veronica mars, wicked, wire in the blood, women of the otherworld, yaoi, yuri, zachary quinto, zelazny, écrire, écriture