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18 January 2014 @ 07:53 pm
October Daye  
 I've just read 3 books of Seanan McGuire's October Daye series in as many days. Back to back. Should I go for a 4th ?

I've read the first of the series Rosemary and Rue a year ago and I had the others for Christmas 2012... but I wasn't in the mood to read them for a long time (which didn't mean I wasn't in the mood for other books by Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant). And then... I picked up A Local Habitation and I just didn't stop reading. I don't remember why I picked that one Thursday night... I wanted to read paper but there were others books... anyway. 

3 in 3 days.

I should probably wait a few days at least before I read the rest. But I'm not sure I want too. I've slept 4 hours last night because of these books. And the night before that wasn't much better. 

The third of the series An Artificial Night is my favorite so far. It was all about creepy and scary monsters of children tales and the wild hunt. Which I always love reading about. 

It's not always surprising and I mostly see things coming from miles but I love the universe, I love the characters. I hope for more Tybalt and more Quentin and less Connor in the next one. Though I love how these three came to her rescue together in Late Eclipses. Even if it's so frustrating to see the relationship between Tybalt and October going nowhere fast. We've been teased with that since the first book... I know they have long lives and don't need to hurry but seriously, I'm going to die if it's not resolved in one way or another (and I'll blow a gasket if it's not a good resolution).  This entry was originally posted at http://azhureheart.dreamwidth.org/40338.html. Comment wherever you like.
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